The Cyclic Code Encoder / Decoder

Be sure you have enabled your browser for Java before proceeding. Otherwise nothing will happen! This demonstration makes use of colour so: The cyclic code encode / decode Java simulator operates by serially shifting bits from the left of the specified input string through Encode in or Decode in, for encoding and decoding respectively. The contents of the shift register are then shifted out through the Encode/Decode out as the check-bits or syndrome for encoding and decoding respectively. The following control selectors and dialog boxes are used: Once the encoding simulation is complete, the Output String contents (which represents the codeword) will be automatically copied to the Input String dialog box when you select Decode operation.

When you are ready to proceed, start the cyclic code encoder / decoder Java engine.
If you are at a loss at what to do have a look at a description of exercises and experiments you can try out yourself.

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